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Bankons the new Groupon
July 5, 2011
"Bankons, on the other hand, is a similar company that provides a mobile app with a local approach. It partners with local retailers and enable customers to use their smartphones to track nearby deals." Read More

Bankons the new Groupon
June 13, 2011
Are you tired of getting the local Atlanta newspaper to clip coupons? Is your Iphone and Android starting to seem useless. Well there is a new app that has hit the market that is very interesting called "Bankons." Read More

Coupon Clipping of the 21st Century
May 18, 2011
After participating in Finovate Spring 2011, a two-day conference introducing the latest technological innovations within the financial realm our heads were spinning with all the potential. Although it is impossible to go over every emerging product, we wanted highlight some standout companies from the conference. Read More